Ewe are Me

4 x 4cm to fit for exhibition in a dolls house

...We all have an outward self/selves, the one(s) that we present to the many worlds we inhabit: external manifestations of life experiences, influences that have surrounded us to this moment, and as a result of choices that we have made. But how do we really view ourselves? This isn’t a true portrait show nor a question of identity but rather about the hidden self...

Ewe are Me is a documentation of a sculptural performance.

Sheep. A word used a lot during the pandemic to call out the masses who

obediently comply.

Black sheep. A disreputable member of society, leading their own path.

Ewe are Me explores this sheep duality. Face covered, unrecognisable, wanting to find a greener, more inviting field away from the shepherd and its sheep dog.