H88 x W64 x D20cm

Engraved acrylic on chicken wire and modroc frame, rice, latex, cocktail pics, metal hook, mdf, plasticine, lectern stand

Bottom of the food chain, mini beasts turn maxi beast in the form of ambiguously

insectile creatures taking a playful stance on stereotypical gender associations and

the blurry lines in between.

Pillar,  caterpillar-esque object stands tall and proud. Its predominantly solid body

made from cooking pots, its antennae made from brittle blown glass phalluses.

On the lookout and firm, but easily broken.

Irk, resembles a bed bug presenting itself on a lectern stand. On show and available.

Cock-tail picks inserted into its body, covered with rice grains ready to be boiled

in the cooking pots of Pillar.

Understated and in the background, a small creature framed on a TV stand,

Buzz watches over neutrally.