160 x 45 x 140cm approx

chicken wire, modroc, expanding foam, latex, coffee granules, curtain rings, assorted washers, rubber grommets, christmas bauble, resin

The making process began in early January, at the very beginning of lockdown.

Following the making of the frame using chicken wire, modroc and expanding foam, 

an obsessive and often laborious process began. This involved layers upon layers of

liquid latex, both clear and milky, poured onto various surfaces along with an assortment of washers, copper curtain rings  producing a copper leak of colour into the latex, and a sprinkling of coffee granules for colour and texture. The latex was arduously patch attached with pins and wrapped around the thinner parts of the tentacles, with the skin being brushed with latex in between each layer. Rubber grommets became suckers,

and a split bauble became the eyes. Ophelia was finished the day Boris announced the roadmap to freedom.

Octopus, alien of the sea, symbol of transformation.